About Us

Strength and Vigour was set-up to provide advice for individuals over 30 wanting manage their weight and to  improve their exercise performance through nutritional means and using innovative functional muscle training techniques (‘Functional Muscle’ is a new training programme designed to maximise muscular growth in individuals over 40). Age is no longer a barrier for achieving a healthy bodyweight, reaching sporting excellence or enjoying new sporting pursuits. Although, there is slightly more thought required when considering a balanced healthy plant based diet to improve performance as you age it can still be achieved. 


I am an advocate of the plant based diet (although I am open to other ideas) and can attest to its effectiveness both from an health perspective and a performance perspective through working with clients for over 20 years. I strongly believe that you should practice what you preach, I am over 40 and have been a vegan for over 20 years during that time I have achieved professional status as a sportsman in my late teen and early 20’s before a serious injury curtailed my ambitions. However, I never gave-up on training even when I was working 12-hours a day in a sedentary job. I understand the constraints of the ‘normal’ working day and fully believe that nutrition can play a role in improving both mental and physical health.


The good news is that past 10-years has seen a transformation in the understanding of the nutritional health for competitive athlete and this has filtered down to the non-competitive athlete and the masters (over-40’s) athletes. The increase in the research surrounding exercise physiology and exercise nutrition has lead to many new theories the  creation new training strategies and supplements to support the extra workload required of a new exercise regime.



The day of having to ingest animal products to enhance protein consumption is gone! Resent research into Muscle Protein Synthisis (MPS) has indicated that the Amino Acid (AA) Luecine is the key to MPS and that there is a finite amount required to promote optimum MPS. All this information is researched backed (having a degree in Biomedical Science and a Masters in Sports and Exercise nutrition) and each article I write or publish will have the appropriate references for further reading.

I have designed a protein formula which is plant based (and Vegan) which provides the optimum blend of AA to ensure maximum MPS. I have also designed fat loss tables which are a convenient way to enhance lipolysis (fat breakdown) to maximise your efforts in the gym and with your diet.

If you subscribe to the monthly information email you will be able to use the Nutritics programme free of charge to encourage your healthly diet and enable you to monitor your health and the food stuffs you are ingesting. You will also receive 10% off all products purchased, a training programme specific to your training needs and regular updates on new training/nutritional information.