Functional Muscle Programme (FMP)


  • The plan will include a 60-day FMP training regime
  • Explanation of techniques and timings
  • Scientific explanation of the reps and sets used
  • Tips on how to increase performance
  • Suggested supplements to enhance muscle building and increase hormones for growth
  • This programmes is a training partner, it can’t shout at you but it can provide motivation through proven scientific information and the knowledge that the plan works



The Functional Muscle Programme (FMP) is a muscle building programme designed specifically for the over-30’s. The rationale behind the design of the programme was to ensure that we maximised every muscle building technique and new scientific research available to enhance the potential for growth as the over-30’s do not have the high hormone levels they once did. Unfortunately as you age your levels of Growth Hormone and Testosterone (the two most potent hormones for muscle growth) this can lead to reduced muscle mass thus a reduction in performance and muscle gains. The programme concentrates on free weights, which are becoming more popular again in commercial gyms having lost popularity in recent years. As the programme name suggests this programme is about producing an athletic physique with functional muscle rather than unbalanced ‘T-Shirt’ physique which can lead to injury.



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