MFP Diet


  • A 60-day weight loss programme
  • Includes a training plan based on moderate activity training (we understand the constraints of every day life)
  • Examples of daily menu’s and recipes, with a focus on plant based nutrition.
  • Tips on how to utilise more fat burning during training and everyday life
  • Supplement advice for increased fat loss
  • A PT will cost you £40 per session to shout at you, this plan includes no shouting, just one £40 payment! 



The Morning Fasting Plan (MFP) is an innovative new weight loss diet/plan inspired by over 20-years of anecdotal evidence backed by recent scientific research.

We have designed a 60-day programme which uses this information to ensure fat loss when applied to a diet plan. We believe through using this approach for numerous clients over the years that this is a tangible programme that answers the age old question “how can I burn fat?” and delivers results.


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