Premium Consultation


  • Initial interview via phone or Skype
  • Completion of 3-day diary by client
  • Research following comprehensive interview and 3-day diary
  • Nutritional content analysed with specialist professional programmes 
  • Follow-up contact to explain findings 
  • Results of  3-day diary explained in writing
  • Written programme to achieve stated goal



Bespoke consultation subsequent to completion of a 3-day food diary. Consultation will involve an in-depth interview concentrating on lifestyle, current nutrition, health status, nutritional and health aspirations and/or sporting goals. A full report will be completed relevant to information gathered from the food diary and consultation. The report will evidence current nutritional status through from the 3-day diary by a professional nutritics programme. The analysis will highlight and emphases any potential issues including high cholesterol levels, low iron levels etc. A bespoke plan will be developed to meet any specific requirements and ensure personal goals are met.



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