Strength and Vigour provides nutritional advice to individuals wanting to improve their general health and sports enthusiasts looking to improve performance.

Our lead consultant provides bespoke nutritional advice through professional consultations. He has a background in professional sport and is a fully qualified nutritionist with a Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, he is accredited by the Association for Nutrition and has over 20-years’ experience. He believes in promoting research backed evidence for nutritional and training regimes and does not endorse marketing ‘fad’ diets or training programmes but rather promotes plant based nutrition for healthier lifestyles.


Crossfit Class

So whether you have a weight loss target or you want to complete your first triathlon or park run you will need specific nutritional and training advice. A Strength and Vigour consultation will provide the best start to your new challenge.

We additionally offer a 60-day weight loss plan based on scientific and anecdotal evidence and a plan to improve musculature. Both of these plans offer comprehensive advice and tips for their retrospective  goals