Our process at S&V is synergistic, if you book a consultation, we send you all the relevant health questionnaires and a 3-day food diary, this is in the form of a free app that you download on your phone to monitor your total food, liquid and activity (if that is appropriate for you) over a 3-day period.

We will have access to the information logged on the app and will produce a report analyzing your current diet, ensuring you have no deficiencies, high levels of cholesterol, enough fiber, water etc. This comprehensive report will be sent to you and we will discuss the results on our on-line consultation.

The on-line consultation will be a discussion of your results, your goals and how we can achieve results, a report will then be produced to ensure you reach your objective. This is usually a nutritional plan, and training regime.

Naturally, all dietary requirements are covered in our service including plant-base diets, I was a vegan for 20-years so I understand plant-based diets comprehensively. However, I now eat a few animal products due to health reasons so I am aware of limitations in various diets and understand individual needs.

The diet plans will usually last 3-months and you will be monitored over this period.

We at S&V may not have a massive presence on social media or loud in-your-face YouTube personalities but we do know what we are doing and we can definitely help you reach your goal.

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