Strength and Vigour is a consultancy designed to provide advice for individuals wanting to change their homeostasis. We can facilitate body shape changes by reducing body fat percentage and/or increasing lean body mass. We also help to improve performance, whether it is a new sporting endeavor or an existing sport we can aid motivation and use scientific knowledge to break through performance barriers.

We think it is important that people providing advice on how to train and how to fuel your body are appropriately qualified and experts in their field. Nutrition is so vital and idiosyncratic to each individual that there is a very high risk of injury or illness as a result of poor advice from under educated and inexperienced consultants.

Therefore, our advice at S&V is scientifically driven and backed up by research.

As a qualified sports and exercise nutritionist I understand the importance of nutrition in relation to diet and sport. Losing weight is 80% diet, exercise is important but not necessary.

Naturally, I am an advocate for increased activity because of the benefits attained from exercising regularly including increased aerobic fitness, increased lean body mass (muscle tissue) and as a result an increased basal metabolic rate leading to greater utilization of calories at rest.

However, changing habitual dietary habits is the key to weight loss, S&V analyse your diet and make appropriate changes based on your current diet deficits and excesses, ensuring an adequate nutrition plan through a balanced diet and in some instances additional supplementation.

We at S&V may not have a massive presence on social media or loud in-your-face YouTube personalities but we do know what we are doing and we can definitely help you reach your goal.

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