Functional Muscle Development (eBook)


A functional guide to muscle development through resistance training for experienced and non-experienced lifters. With particular attention to aging muscle and maintaining tendon health for injury prevention.



Muscle development is essential to help performance and reduce injury frequency for every individual performing non-sedentary tasks and specifically the over forties.

If you are heading towards or are over forty years of age you need to be cognisant that your muscle mass is depleting. Thus, you need to ensure you train specifically to address the loss of muscle mass and then depending on your goal train accordingly thereafter.

This book will give you the scientific knowledge to understand muscle adaptation, how muscles function, the synergistic activity of tendons, the nutrition required to facilitate adaptation and the programme to achieve functional muscle adaptation.

The programme is scientifically designed to enable muscular development with an emphasis on functional muscles rather than just ‘bodybuilding’ muscle groups. The programme can be use to increase general athleticism and/or to gain substantial muscle mass, the intensity coupled with the load used will determine your outcome.

While other there are many programmes available at not insignificant costs and whilst some will be credible, most will not provide value for money. Where this programme differs is that not only does it work but the rationale behind the programme is explained so the knowledge gained by the reader can be used to tweak this programme and develop their own.

The main aim of the book is enabling knowledge on the function of muscle adaptation and how to get the best from mechanical loading, while the actual exercises used are inconsequential the method of repetition is the key. Remembering that each individual has their own idiosyncratic body shape/type, historic injuries limiting movement, inflammatory issues such as arthritis etc., therefore bespoke training programmes based on this programme can be made to suit individual needs once the knowledge is available, which this book provides.


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