When you book a training consultation package you will choose a time and date to suit your schedule. You will also be sent all the relevant health and medical questionnaires for our consultants to provide appropriate advice.

The consultation will be on-line and approx. 45-minites and will consist of a discussion relating to your current situation and your future aspirations and sporting/health goals. Together we will agree a plan of action and the consultant will then formulate an appropriate plan which usually takes under than a week.

The formulated plan will be forwarded and full explanation of the rationale given, you will be able to contact the consultant via email for tips and progress reports throughout the standard 12-week training program.

There is also the facility to ‘retain’ a consultant for a £40 per-month fee, where you will have monthly online progress report consultations that enable further advice/support to be given to help facilitate continued progress and success.

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